Last year, profound concerns about ad blocking declined because browsers stepped-in, namely Chrome, to limit the most offensive forms of impolite digital advertising. As we head into 2019, there are fewer page-crushing, auto-playing videos, impression-cluttered pages that can barely load, and pop-overs that threaten to crash your mobile browser. Self-policing for a better user experience across the internet by the big tech companies is likely to increase as players like Facebook and Google attempt to hold-off state and federal regulation. What will this mean for advertisers in the year ahead? An increasing focus on data security, privacy and user experience should, in theory, lead to higher-quality, although smaller audiences. Higher bid competition for those audiences will increase the cost of digital advertising per unit (e.g. CPM, CPC, CPV). And results metrics should improve (e.g. CTR, view rate, engagement rate).

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