Roughly 60% of websites are built on WordPress. And the world’s most-used CMS is about to receive a major update to version 5.0 on 11/27/18. If your WordPress website is set to auto-update for security (as it should be) then it will receive Gutenberg, the revolutionary, new content editor for WordPress. While Gutenberg represents a major advance in content layout, the WordPress ecosystem is only partially ready for it. Many of the top themes and plugins used on WP sites are not yet compatible with Gutenberg. So expect this update to catch a lot of webmasters off guard as they discover glitches when managing their sites after the release date. What can you do to prepare? Keep your entire WP code base up-to-date. Update and test your site and its plug-ins in the days coming up to the release. And continue testing after your site updates to 5.0. Not only will this help you ensure stability. You’ll start learning how to use Gutenberg!

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