What’s it like to work with Codavate?

Welcome to the age of distributed influence.

Mass media has become digital. Consumers choose the products and insights that most align with their worldview. TV advertising is a fraction of what it once was. Intelligent, analytics-driven outreach works. This is the oxygen we breathe. This is the solution we offer. We promise you: influential outcomes, innovatively accomplished.

Agile in workflow and style.

What this means for us: we follow a rigorous yet fast-paced project management approach. Constantly evolving and adapting while managing risks and ensuring high ROI. What it means for you: we’re fast, responsive and careful stewards of your mission.

Deeply devoted to client service.

We work hard. We understand that trust is earned. If you can live without us after an engagement concludes, we’re not doing our job. We make every day, every pixel, every word and every dollar count.

Communication isn’t born in a silo.

There should be zero distance between the event manager and the advertiser; the copywriter and the programmer. No walls between public relations and public affairs. Lobbying, reputation management, crisis mitigation, marketing and the core business of the enterprise must have no barriers between them. Winning in today’s communication landscape takes integration and collaboration. This is how we work. And we can help you adopt this framework, even if it starts by making the walls just a little shorter.

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